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The #1 Key to a Successful Retirement

Let me tell you a secret.....your 401k, IRA, and other retirement assets are simply an ATM machine. The key to a successful retirement is building that ATM balance as high as possible to provide for future withdrawals. 

Rising interest rates, inflationary pressures, and volatility are here. In this environment, creating multiple sources of consistent, growing income is key. Maximizing retirement income is what protects and grows the ATM to ensure you don't outlive assets.


We build income growth portfolios customized to your specific objectives and tax profile.  These portfolios utilize a wide range of asset classes to create multiple income streams.

However, you can't build a portfolio without a foundation. A concrete retirement plan is that foundation. 

  1. Discover: Learn about your specific retirement objectives, cash flows, and risk comfort level.
  2. Analyze: Review your portfolio cash flows to determine the necessary required risk/return combination to ensure your specific objectives.
  3. Construct: Build the portfolio to maximize income growth and reduce unnecessary risk.
  4. Adjust: Dynamically adjust the exposure to each asset based on changing market fundamentals and lifestyle needs. 

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Peter J. Brunton, CFA

  • Chief Investment Officer of Strategic Wealth Partners
  • 10 years in VP and executive level roles at leading banking and trust institutions
  • Chartered Financial Analyst Designation: 2011
  • Over 12 yrs. of experience working with private clients building retirement plans and customized investment portfolios.
  • 10 yrs. of experience managing income growth portfolios emphasizing equity income strategies, real estate, bonds, preferred securities, and infrastructure assets
  • Avid sports fan, traveler, and movie buff


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